Onze Lerende Netwerken leerzaam voor collega's uit Slovenië

In september 2016 zijn een aantal collega's uit Slovenië (werkzaam bij het Developmental Research Center for Pedagogical Initiatives in Ljubljana) in Utrecht geweest om een training te volgen over De Utrechtse Lerende Netwerken, ze bezochten ook een bijeenkomst van een Lerend Netwerk en hadden een gesprek met enkele kartrekkers. Bureau MUTANT organiseerde deze driedaagse.

Reactie Jerneja Jager, directeur van het Sloveense Pedagogisch Centrum:
'As we wanted to expand our knowledge on Peer Learning Communities (Lerende Netwerken), more specifically about how to support leaders of these communities and management staff for providing conditions to operate, we knew Bureau Mutant would be the right choice. Our expectations were high because this was a great professional development opportunity for us, staff members. We must say, that all expectations were met, and even more, they were exceeded! The developped training was based on our needs, and we were constantly building on our experiences and context in which we work in. Significant amount of time was dedicated to reflection of discussed themes and to reflection, how to transfer the experiences, gained in the training, to the Slovenian context. We have come up with interesting and important insights of our role in conducting and coaching of Slovenian PLCs. Some of the initiatives were already successfully implemented at the meeting with leaders of PLC in the frame of Step by Step Network for changing quality, and some are to be implemented in the near future at the meeting with school principals.'

Onze Lerende Netwerken leerzaam voor collega's uit Slovenië
Bron:MUTANT - Anke van Keulen